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Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl (Homeschooling Down Under Version)


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RE: [PHOTOS] [TEAM K] PHOTO ALBUM comments:(5)
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Hey Sabrina! Awesome Gallery!  Wonderful Family! Thanks for sharing! 
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RE: [PHOTOS] [TEAM K] PHOTO ALBUM comments:(5)
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sabrina_gz's picture This is my personal photo album, welcome to visit. :)  
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Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl (Homeschooling Down Under Version)
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This is from an Australia homeschooling site that can be useful for Grade 1-Grade Three. This is not the orginal , and I will get the original and add it to the site for future use. Added to the to do list.This 



Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl.

A Charming English Resource For Grade 2 And 3

Emma Serl Primary language lessons

Originally written in 1911, this language arts resource has so much to offer.

It includes:

  • variety so your child won’t get bored
  • flexibility so you can work at your child’s pace
  • no forward planning needed, just purchase, print and pick up
  • Australian and New Zealand content and spelling version available, no adaptation required
  • holistic literature based lessons that suit a Charlotte Mason, Classical and Ruth Beechick style education.

Why Do Homeschoolers Like This English Program?

"I have used a few language arts curriculums over the years and none seem to fit just right BUT Primary Language Lessons comes pretty close. This is a simple straightforward curriculum that cuts out the busy work and gets children writing, reading and thinking." Michelle

Here are some other comments by homeschool mothers when describing this resource:

  • it’s easy to teach
  • the grammar lessons are gentle
  • it’s not intimidating for the child
  • children can work at their own level

Combining different grade students for teaching is an additional bonus when using this resource. I have taught my advanced Year One child and Grade Three student simultaneously and they have enjoyed learning together and comparing notes.

Simple Yet Effective

Copywork, dictation and narration lessons are based on good models and excellent literature.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation is taught in context with usage. Drill on correct forms of speech and words are given.

The composition exercises are often connected to the previous lessons. 

Observation lessons, picture study and poetry are also used to encourage vocabulary building and thinking skills.

Built In Teacher’s Guide—No Preparation Required

At the beginning of this ebook we have extended the teacher’s suggestions to give you confidence and make teaching this resource simple. All of the lessons are self explanatory andyou can just pick up the book each day and start the lesson.

Only a Notebook Needed —No Extra Books or Materials to Purchase

You don't need to buy any other books or read alouds to go with this resource. The relevant passages are all provided within this resource. All you need is a notebook for your lessons.

Recommended by Laura Berquist —Classical Education Author

Author of Design Your Own Classical Curriculum suggests that this is her preferred English lessons program. She suggests that you make it work for you, don't be afraid to skip lessons that may not interest your child.

Complete Over One Or Two Years

There are 160 lessons in the ebook.

You will need to allocate approximately 20 minutes, two to three times a week, for 30 weeks of the year to finish this resource in 2 years. 

This easy pace makes incorporating other English lessons into your child’s schedule possible. If desired you can easily add extra:

  • reading
  • copywork
  • spelling
  • dictation.

If you want to work through the resource faster this is also achievable. When your child easily masters a concept you can do a few lessons at a time. Your child will not be rushed—you set the pace.

After finishing Primary Language Lessons you can commence Intermediate Language Lessons.

Australian and New Zealand Edition

Some lessons have been substituted from the original version to include:

  • British spelling (Australian and New Zealand spelling)
  • Australian picture study
  • Australian and New Zealand poetry and prose
  • Australian and New Zealand observation lessons
  • Australian and New Zealand writing assignments.

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Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl (Homeschooling Down Under Version)
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